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Tech-Marine Equipment ApS supplies mooring equipment and deck accessories for vessels and water- bourne installations. 60% of the world cruise liner are sailing with equipment from TME!

Tech-Marine Consulting ApS has provided maritime support to the main contractors on the Rion-Antirion Bridge project and the Oresund fixed link connecting Denmark and Sweden!

Tech-Marine Construction ApS produces advanced steel structures. Here above; moulds for the concrete foundations for the Nysted wind farm - the 2nd largest in the world!

 A reliable partner within maritime and civil works based on international expierence and knowledge.

Tech-Marine is a customer oriented international working company providing services to the maritime and civil works industries by certified Naval Architects .

Furnished with state of the art hard- & software, Tech-Marine posses the ability to deal with complex projects and at the same time the flexibility to undertake induvidual tasks.

Tech-Marine is using its senior knowledge and experience in all aspects of design, structual calculation, quality assurance and production. 

Tech-Marine is co-operating with and employing engineers with competence from the maritime and civil works industry.

"MS Harmony of the Seas" the world largest cruise vessel

The new Panama Canal

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